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9/20/10 02:19 am

I have moved to


9/11/10 02:13 am - its too great

After endless tries of downloading Funshion, I finally succeeded. Funshion is working and I can watch all my favourite movies. Happily in love dowloading and not sleeping yet. 

Went drinking yesterday with Ken at Brewerkz. Just love the beer there. We talked all the way and really caught up. Nice catch-up though. :)

Its always a pair :)

9/9/10 11:04 am - 讓一切隨風

love this canto song.
and i love her.

drink is on tonight!

9/7/10 01:40 pm - jummp?

Yes! Its confirmed!
HongKong & Macau trip in Oct before work and sch starts and out 4th year anniversary trip.
We are gonna do the sky jummp and really jump of the 233m sky tower.
goshh, its giving me the adrenaline rush now even before going there.
cool :)

9/6/10 05:05 pm - J

Weekend has been good and awesome. Spend my Sunday with Jamie and headed out with what girls always do. Nails, Eyes, Shopping and Eating. Its cool and fanastic. We had lotsa fun watching the videos. :))

9/4/10 11:32 am - First week of September

Kickstarted the first week of September. It has never been this routined again. Town with Peep on wed to get my Longchamp bag. I love the color of brown. I ve also ordered a coach wrisletst for Jamie. Bet she will love it.

Anyway, yiwen has already decide what he wants to be. The four beautiful options laid before his eyes. ICA Senior Officer, Eng Teacher, Air Force C3 Officer or a Senior Police Officer. He passed all interviews and had gotten all in. However, only two managed to draw him. They are air force and police. He politely rejectted the other two offers. End in end, he decided on Police. Job satisfaction allows him to be able to perform better. :) And for me, Im thinking of being what I want to be since years ago. No strings attached though, but I just want to give it a go. Cool! Well sort out thoughts this week.

And since police training starts in Nov, we will be heading for a 5 days holiday to Hk and Macau. Cant wait to eat all the dim sums and milk tea. :) Btw, have been catching the IT crowd these two weeks and it has been reall awesome. Lee introduced to me and said it is a hit in UK. Well, it was that funny and humourous. Heading out soon and meeting Huixin later in the afternoon cos' she wanna get her walking shoes in town. :)

8/29/10 02:35 am - i know

I just love our new camera that we got on friday. Well, it was a pleasant surprise from yiwen though. Anyway we went to the YOG closing ceremony last thursday. Kinda significant since its the inaugural YOG, fireworks was never ending. Brought Chloe to vivo today, I missed her so much. I bet she enjoyed heerself. Because she brought home a new bunny which she named her Sarah. To a young kid, the action of building your own bear seems really real and enjoyable. They treasured it so much that they just made your day.

After the birth of Sarah, brought her to the the kids corner and play. And Chloe claimed 'i like every part of today'. Sucha young kid but she knows that she truly enjoys herself. Always turning around and gave me a smile, always wanting to walk beside me and introducing me to her new house when I picked her up.

Planning for trip in October with our new camera. Just love it. :) Im going town with Peiwen on Monday after work. Hopefully I managed to get that bag.



8/25/10 12:06 pm - love the way you lie

love this!


8/24/10 11:01 am - the best experience

Lining it on the side seems not bad after all. Last night dinner was with Huixin, Jack and Zhuliang. Sort of a farewell dinner for Jack for he will be in Korea for the next six months. Went for late night dessert at Cafe Cartel with 50% off their cakes and coffees. Seems too much a great deal actually. We were discussing about catching the next World Cup in Brazil or England. The next four years seems more like it. Such great and awesome atmosphere, cant even compare to watching it in Maldives this year. definitely got to catch it once in a life time.

Was discussing with Yiwen about our trip in October. A short 3- 4 days trip during my one week break and before I kick-start my fyp which i cant wait to end it off. Afew choices on our list. Still in the midst of deciding and planning. Would love to use our snorkel set and swim in the clear blue water. Money should be spent on things like that, its experiences we are talking about. Not to know it until you experience it yourself.

I'm thinking of the fine art course which I love to further into.  A year and half and out of which, 3-6 months in UK. deciding..... :)

8/23/10 11:07 am - LEE

i cant wait to go to UK!

imma happy girl lately!

back to work today.
went to catch the yog semi-final football last night.
exciting tho but lost in the end.
young and cool players.
like jeffrey, brandon and jonathan.
im beginning to love football players even more.
in singapore and uk.

im going for groccery shopping with pw during lunch!
we did a crazy act last friday.


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